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The Difference Between Jail and Prison, and the Problem it Creates

Written by: Courtney Barger (Law Student) Jail and Prison are often used interchangeably, but they serve different purposes. The key difference: jails are intended for short sentences and temporary confinement while prisons are for felony sentencing longer than a year. What are Jails? Jails are generally operated by county governments under the county sheriff’s jurisdiction. […]

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IN QUARANTINE AND OUT OF CUSTODY: The Effect of the Coronavirus on Release Conditions

By: Tyler Schwenke, ESQ. CORONAVIRUS AND THE JAIL SYSTEM With the start of 2020, it has been almost impossible to turn on your television or open your computer without seeing a headline about the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the past few months, society has gone from business as usual to social distancing, self-quarantine, and […]

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Possession Charges without Knowledge

Co-Authored by Erin Sweeney (Law Student) and Chris Doran, Esq. Can I Be Charged for Possession even if it’s Not Mine? — YES. Possession charges are extremely common in Arizona. The most common types of possession charges are, unsurprisingly, those related to drug offenses — either possession of a narcotic drug or possession of drug […]

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Getting Your Freedom Back

By: Chris Doran, Esq. | July 3, 2017 Can I Get My Previous Felony or Misdemeanor Expunged/Sealed/Removed in Arizona? First, what is an ‘expungement’? Expungement is the process by which a record of a previous criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or federal repository.  Essentially, it seals, and in some instances completely […]

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Getting Your Freedom Back - The Past