Sentencing Mitigation Videos

Doran Justice not only fights for those who have been wrongly accused, but also for people who have made mistakes. There are usually underlying reasons that people commit crimes. Being able to understand those reasons and effectively communicate them to others can lead to rehabilitation rather than retributive punishment. Rehabilitation is a common goal that all police officers, lawyers (both prosecutors and defense attorneys), judges, and society should desire.

Unfortunately, when people are charged with crimes, prosecutors, police officers, and even judges can focus solely on the facts of the case and a person’s past crimes when determining what pleas to offer or what sentences to impose. However, Doran Justice believes that mitigation materials are important to shed light on the full picture. Mitigation materials can show a person’s good character, their volunteer service, their military service, their faith, their families, their upbring, their education, their living conditions, their work ethic, their hardships, their addictions, their health (physical, mental, and behavioral), and so much more.

It is common for lawyers to provide this type of information in written form to prosecutors and judges. However, times are always changing and written materials can easily fall on deaf ears because they have become so commonplace in our criminal justice system. To overcome this obstacle, Doran Justice (in addition to providing written materials), teams with experts who can create mitigation videos.

MItigation videos are powerful tools that can truly humanize a person and effectively tell their story to a prosecutor or a judge. These videos allow for an individual to become more than a police report, more than criminal history report, and even more than black and white text in a mitigation packet. Mitigation videos use cinematography and videography to produce powerful stories and capture visceral emotions.

See example mitigation videos below and ask our lawyers about pricing to give yourself or your loved one the best chance at more rehabilitation, and less or no incarceration.

Joseph was charged with five separate felony cases for a total of 28 felonies. The underlying reason for all these felonies was a severe, untreated drug addiction. Ultimately, his plea was reduced from a flat sentence (100% time) of 16 years in prison to a range between 11 and 18 years (85% time). At sentencing, this mitigation video was used to tell Joseph’s story and have the judge grant a sentence of 13 years (11.05 years with 85% time). This video and Joseph’s mitigation were powerful enough to save Joseph from an additional 5 years in prison. Video created by: Waver Films, LLC.