Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

When fighting criminal charges, your life and your livelihood are on the line. Criminal convictions can result in prison time, jail time, probation, fines, fees, loss of driving privileges, loss of employment opportunities, difficulty securing housing, loss of gun rights, loss of voting rights, and negative stigmas. When facing such life-altering consequences, it is important to make sure you know what options are available to you. We make sure our clients have access to all of the evidence against them and all of the motions filed in their case. Every case is unique and requires individualized attention. Some cases may need motions filed to preclude evidence or statements. Some cases may need intense mitigation presented to the prosecution or the judge to help obtain lower plea offers or better sentences. Some cases may be best fit for community service, probation, mental health treatment, drug rehabilitation, anger management classes, a diversion program. Some case may require meticulous trial preparation and effective representation at trial. Our approach is simple. We first try to get your case dismissed. If that is not possible in your case, then we simultaneously try to get you the best plea offer while also preparing your case for trial so that you have the best options available to you when it comes time to make a decision on what to do. The philosophy at Doran Justice is to make sure that whatever circumstances led to your arrest never repeat themselves again – whether that be a wrongful arrest and error on the part of the police, addiction, mental illness, or hardships that have never been properly addressed. Whatever crime you are facing, whatever your circumstances are, Doran Justice can help.

Misdemeanor Crimes

There are three classes of misdemeanors in Arizona: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Misdemeanors can result in up to six months of jail time and up to $2,500 in fines. While less severe than felonies, it is important to seek legal help when charged with a misdemeanor.

Felony Crimes

There are six classes of felonies in Arizona: Class 1 (most severe) through Class 6 (least severe). When facing felony charges, you could be facing prison time, probation, a loss of your constitutional rights, fines, and much more. Felonies can affect your life forever. You need a criminal defense lawyer who can help you fight back.

*We have gone to trial on many felony charges, see here*


Operating a motor vehicle with a high blood alcohol level can seriously impair your ability. When you are facing a DUI criminal charge, contact us immediately for assistance.

*We have gone to trial on dui charges, see here*

Extreme DUI

Any driver who is found with alcohol levels of .15 or greater is facing enhanced penalties versus a standard DUI charge. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial.

*We have gone to trial on extreme dui charges, see here*

Aggravated DUI

Drunk drivers who have been stopped with a minor child, with a suspended/revoked license, without a required interlock device, driving the wrong way, or who have had previous DUI convictions could be facing aggravated DUI charges.

*We have gone to trial on aggravated dui charges, see here*

Drug Crimes Possession

Drug addiction is a serious epidemic that affects millions of people in our country and prison cells do not solve the problem. Some cases may be eligible for Proposition 200, and others that involve dangerous drugs or methamphetamine may not. From simple marijuana possession charges to drug trafficking of illicit drugs, we can help.

*We have gone to trial on drug charges, see here*

Computer Crimes

Computer and internet crimes have been rising. Depending on the breadth of the charges you are facing, you could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges. Do not try to defend yourself against these charges.

Disorderly Conduct

Some believe if they have been arrested for disturbing the peace, loitering, or other disorderly conduct charges, they can defend themselves. This could be a mistake on your part. You should seek legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney if facing these charges, whether they are misdemeanor charges or felony charges.

*We have gone to trial on disorderly conduct charges, see here*

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is generally not a criminal charge, but more accurately, a label that attaches to another charge. For example, someone can be charged with assault for hitting a stranger, but someone could be charged with a domestic violence assault for hitting a spouse. Arizona domestic violence charges can be filed without the cooperation of the potential victim, and without their knowledge or permission. When you are facing these charges, it is imperative you seek the assistance of a criminal defense attorney.

*We have gone to trial on DV charges, see here*

Federal Crimes

When you are up against the FBI or the CIA, you could be facing charges in federal court. If you are charged with committing a crime across borders, on federal land, or against the federal government, you need an attorney who is licensed in Federal Court, who knows the rules, and who can help.

Hate Crimes

When a crime is committed against a group or person who falls into a protected class, the crime may include additional hate crime charges which could result in enhanced penalties.

Juvenile Crimes

Sometimes minors make mistakes, and, in some cases, they may be tried as an adult for a crime. Make sure if your young person has had a lapse in judgment, they have a lawyer available to help defend them.

Kidnapping / Unlawful Imprisonment

A common image that comes to mind when people think of kidnapping is tying someone up and trapping them in the trunk of a vehicle. While this certainly could be considered kidnapping, someone can also be charged with kidnapping for shutting a door and standing in front of the door to prevent someone else from leaving. Taking, holding, or moving a person against their will can be considered kidnapping depending on the circumstances. These crimes could rise to federal level crimes depending on whether the person was taken across state lines against their will. Regardless of the facts, having competent representation is crucial for kidnapping charges.

*We have gone to trial on kidnapping charges, see here*

Pre-File Investigations

Like many things in life, being proactive with criminal cases is better than being retroactive. If you believe you are being investigated for a crime or if you have had police contact, you should contact an attorney right away (before speaking to the police) even if there are no formal charges against you.

Probation Violations

If you have been charged and found guilty of a crime, you may be subject to certain restrictions and obligations upon being released. Failure to meet these obligations or failure to abide by these restrictions can lead to your probation being revoked. Probation revocations can result in prison, reinstatement, or dismissals so it is extremely important to have an advocate in your corner.

Property Crimes

Arson, burglary, robbery, and auto theft are examples of property crimes. Anyone facing a property crime charge needs a criminal defense attorney to defend them.

*We have gone to trial on property-related crimes, see here*

Resisting Arrest

Regardless of whether you think an officer is justified in placing you under arrest, you must comply with law enforcement or face a resisting arrest charge. People can be charged with resisting arrest for passive or active resistance. In some instances, officers can perceive resistance when someone is not resisting at all. Regardless of the situation, any time it is your word against a police officer’s word, you need an attorney to advocate for you.

Sex Crimes

Today’s world is a scary one because even being accused of a sex crime can result in being non-bondable prior to trial and a lifelong negative stigma. Society has a difficult job in trying to identify true sexual assault victims from people making false allegations for other reasons. Those who are convicted of a sex crime can face a lifetime of having their name in a sex offender registry which can have a serious impact on your ability to secure housing and potentially employment. A conviction may also result in steep fines, and long prison terms. Since sex-related crimes can often have little physical evidence, a common tactic the police will use are confrontation calls where they try to get an accused person to apologize or admit

*We have gone to trial on sex crime charges, see here*

Theft Crimes

We handle a broad range of theft crimes from petty theft, to grand theft auto, to fraudulent schemes, to identity theft. If you are facing any theft crime charges, contact us immediately.

Traffic Offenses

Speeding or running a red light may result in only a traffic citation. However, if you are facing a drunk driving, reckless driving, criminal speeding, or you are accused of causing harm to a person, you could also be facing criminal charges. Criminal charges are in addition to administrative penalties which could put your driving rights in jeopardy.

*We have gone to trial on traffic violations, see here*


When you enter private property without permission, you can be charged with misdemeanor trespassing. However, if you enter government-owned property these charges could be elevated to a felony offense.

Violent Crimes

Threatening to cause bodily harm, drawing a weapon upon a person, or using unwarranted force can result in your being arrested. Violent crimes are serious and can have a long-term impact on your life if you are convicted.

*We have gone to trial on violent crimes, see here*

Murder and Manslaughter

You are driving home from work and you are not paying attention to the road and lose control of your car resulting in the death of a pedestrian. You are probably facing a manslaughter charge. While murder also involves the death of a person, generally it is considered a premeditated act. Our firm has handled and can handle these serious criminal offenses.

*We have gone to trial on manslaughter charges, see here*

Weapon Crimes

It is quite common for people who have lost their gun rights to end up with new charges for misconduct involving weapons for being in possession of a gun by a prohibited possessor. This can happen when people are simply in the presence of guns even if they do not own the guns or have no knowledge of the guns. Additionally, any time you are charged with a crime and you are found in possession of any kind of a weapon, you will likely be facing an aggravated offense which carries more serious penalties. Something that people don’t typically realize is that vehicles are often considered weapons under the law. Regardless of the weapon, we can help.

*We have gone to trial on weapon charges, see here*

White Collar Crimes

In nearly all cases, white-collar crimes are non-violent. Usually, these crimes involve embezzlement, counterfeiting, or fraud. These can be tried in State Court or Federal Court.

If you or a loved one is facing any type of criminal charge, contact Doran Justice immediately for help. Never take these charges lightly because they can have an impact on your future.