Family Law

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Divorces are complicated, messy, and emotional. The assistance of a caring, compassionate attorney can help you through this challenging time. We can help with the following types of family law issues:

Legal Separation

When you and your spouse are not ready to divorce but no longer wish to share a residence, we can help you draw up a legal separation agreement which will be binding upon both parties.

Uncontested Divorce

Many people believe divorces only occur when one party is ready to end a marriage. In some instances, both parties agree they should no longer be married. We can help you draft the necessary documents to dissolve your marriage.

Contested Divorce

While contested divorces are more complicated than uncontested divorce, we work to find areas of common ground and then help you litigate outstanding issues.

Contested Divorce with Children

Our attorneys understand the importance of thinking of the children’s best interest when navigating a divorce with children. We provide guidance in working together with the other parent to ensure continuity with the children’s lives and ensure relationships continue to stay strong both throughout the divorce process and well after the litigation has ended.

Temporary Orders Hearing

We can work with you to schedule a hearing to deal with important issues including support, property use, and payment of debts while your divorce is pending.

Orders of Protection / Injunctions Against Harassment

You should not have to live in fear of your spouse/other parent in your divorce or child custody matter. If you feel that you are being harassed, intimidated, or fear that your life or your children’s lives may be in danger, we can assist you with obtaining an Order of Protection. If your spouse/other parent requests to be heard by the court regarding the Order of Protection, we can assist you with full representation for the hearing to ensure the Order of Protection remain in place.

If an individual is harassing you who is not a party to your matter, we can assist you with obtaining an Injunction Against Harassment. If that individual requests to be heard by the court regarding the Injunction, we can assist you with full representation for the hearing to ensure that the Injunction remain in place.

Establishing Child Custody and Legal Decision Making

When one parent has physical custody of a child, either through mutual agreement or court order, there are still decisions impacting the child which both parents may be entitled to participate. Not only can we help make a case for you to have custody, but we can help establish guidelines for long-term decision-making pertaining to your children.

Establishing Spousal Support (Alimony)

Any award of alimony (called spousal maintenance in Arizona) may be awarded depending on statutory factors. Spousal maintenance may be awarded in a one-time lump sum payment, in payments over a specific time period (rehabilitative support), or may be awarded indefinitely. We can help you figure out what type of spousal maintenance award would best suit your specific needs and work to receive that award.


Sometimes, a marriage can be determined to be invalid from the inception of the marriage. We can assist you in understanding what specific acts may be grounds for an annulment and help you achieve an outcome best suited for your needs.

Modification of Legal Decision-Making/Parenting Time

In some cases, legal decision-making or parenting time may need to be altered due to a change in circumstances by either parent. We can help you request and defend the modifications filed with the court.

Modification of Child Support

When there is a financial change for either parent, it may become necessary to modify child support payments. We can assist you with filing the appropriate documentation to modify the child support payments that are in the best interest of you and your children.

Emergency Hearings to Modify Child Custody/Parenting Time

When you fear your child is not being cared for properly or is in danger, it may be necessary to request an emergency hearing to discuss custody and parenting time.

Grandparent of Third Party Visitation

At times, the court may grant visitation rights to grandparents or other third parties.

Regardless of the complexity of the Arizona family law issues you are facing, contact Doran Justice today for help.