Chris Doran, Esq.

Attorney Chris Doran

“True success can only be accomplished by succeeding at something you are passionate about.”

Chris Doran’s passion is in the courtroom and speaking up for those who need a voice. To date, every one of his jury trials have resulted in directed verdict dismissals, full acquittals, and hung juries. The one case that resulted in a guilty conviction for his client was later overturned and completely dismissed for egregious discovery violations by the police and the prosecution. In addition to success at trial, Mr. Doran has also achieved many victories in the pre-trial phase of cases, including: negotiating hundreds of deviated plea offers, helping to significantly reduce people’s bonds to allow them to be out of custody while they fight their case, receiving numerous case dismissals, obtaining significantly mitigated sentences from judges, handling various kinds of evidentiary hearings that have resulted in the suppression of crucial evidence, reuniting parents with their children in contentious child custody matters, and assisting injured clients with receiving large monetary settlements. While Mr. Doran is still early in his career, he has already represented various high-profile cases that have gained national media attention. He has appeared on local news stations multiple times, and he was featured on CNBC’s show “American Greed”. In just two short years, he rose from an associate attorney at DuMond Law to a named partnering attorney of the DuMond & Doran law firm. Now, before he was 30-years-old, Mr. Doran started his own law firm: Doran Justice.

Mr. Doran’s primary experience is with criminal defense (over 300 cases) and personal injury civil litigation. He has also represented clients on contract disputes, bond forfeiture hearings, juvenile delinquency matters, and family law cases. He represents people all over the State of Arizona in city courts, justice courts, municipal courts, superior courts, federal courts, and at the Court of Appeals. He has defended clients on small traffic offenses, DUIs, drug offenses, domestic violence offenses, violent offenses, sex offenses, white collar crimes, and even on charges of manslaughter and attempted murder. Mr. Doran is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). He is also a member of the American Bar Association’s Litigation Committee, Criminal Justice Committee, Criminal Sentencing Committee, and the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Committee.

Mr. Doran traces the groundwork of his many successes back to his participation in collegiate undergraduate mock trial with Sun Devil Mock Trial at his alma mater, Arizona State University. Mr. Doran was a captain and a leader in the program, earning individual lawyer awards, witness awards, team awards, and awards for professionalism and integrity. More importantly, undergraduate mock trial taught him effective trial advocacy techniques; it took his public speaking to new levels; and it gave him a strong grasp of the Rules of Evidence used at trial. These skills serve as some of his greatest advantages over his opponents in the courtroom.

After he graduated with two bachelor’s degrees and a 4.0 grade point average from ASU, he continued on to law school with the Sun Devils at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. During his time in law school, Mr. Doran continued to compete in internal and external moot court, mediation, and mock trial competitions. Mr. Doran graduated from law school in 2015 with various 1st place victories, as a member of the exclusive Order of the Barristers, as a top moot court / mock trial law student of his graduating class by receiving the Janet S. Mueller Oral Advocacy Award, and with many other accolades. He was also President of the Executive Moot Court Board during his final year.

Despite his busy schedule and his successes, Chris has always found time to improve the community and the world. During his undergraduate years, he jointly started the first collegiate chapter of New Global Citizens, a non-profit, grassroots organization that helped indigenous, third-world countries to meet Millennium Development Goals. In law school, he was a homeless shelter director for the Homeless Legal Assistance Project at the East Valley Men’s Center, and he served as President of the Pro Bono Board for two consecutive years. Chris set, and still holds, the record for the most pro bono hours ever recorded by an ASU law student during law school with more than 2,000 logged pro bono volunteer hours. Chris still attends the East Valley Men’s Center once a month to provide free legal advice to the homeless. Additionally, Chris currently serves as co-head coach for ASU’s undergraduate mock trial team. For eight years, he has been coaching undergraduate students in this capacity to guide and train future lawyers, and to give back to them what he was given in college. In these eight years, the program has advanced beyond Regionals all but once, and advanced to Nationals in 2014.

As previously mentioned, Mr. Doran’s success is rooted in his participation in undergraduate mock trial, but what he, his clients, his friends, his family, and his colleagues attribute most of his success to is his passion for his clients. Mr. Doran is hard working, dedicated, and passionate about each and every one of his clients. He does not stop in his pursuit for fairness, rehabilitation, second chances, and justice. By all accounts, Chris Doran truly cares about all clients that he represents in a unique and individual capacity. To him, this is more than just a career, it is his calling.